The fidbox®- the intelligent hardwood floor for optimum room climate.


Monitor your room climatic conditions with the Fidbox® V6 and protect your health and
your financial investment in your floor.


The fidbox® provides essential information about climate at your home that often can be not quite suitable for healthy living.


For example, cupping – one of the common issues that plague hardwood floors is an indicator of adverse climatic conditions in your house. It directly affects your family members’ health, especially, children.
Too dry or too humid air can cause allergies, cause or worsen asthma symptoms and weaken the immune system.


The fidbox® is a measurement device equipped with two sensors for temperature (°C)

and relative humidity (%). Installed underneath the hardwood floor, it records the essential data of the wood floor and its substrate every 8 hours.

Autonomous monitoring of the operating mode for temperature and humidity.

Data cannot be altered and can be used as factual reference in response to claims or warranty disagreements.

Keeps the history of data record of floor exploitation.

Displays information about the microclimate of the room, which directly impacts human health.

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