Technomar & Adrem AS is committed to conserving the environment and it contributes to sustainable development by responsible and transparent decisions on sourcing of material and the disposal of waste. Our objective is to live in harmony with nature – now and in the future.

Environmental Policy

This is a sphere of the utmost importance for the company. Our goal is to develop products environmentally friendly and the company is constantly working on it, strictly following the international and national regulations. The glue, lacquer and oil, we use in the production, are harmless for the environment and health. We are committed to the sustainability of exotic wood species. By using the latest advancements in wood staining technology on renewable tree species we are able to offer floors in different shades resembling many of the rare exotic wood species. This way we contribute to the preservation of rainforests.

Estaparket floors are fully recyclable. They are produced from renewable resources without damaging our nature. The wood sourced from controlled forests means that after every tree that was cut, there is new one planted.


We use our raw materials sparingly, almost without any waste, the off cuts are used for packaging and heating of our factories and offices, thus the minimum expenditures for energy consumption are achieved. External audits and reviews of our environmental management systems are carried out on a regular basis.

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