Care & Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

Estaparket floors are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Simply vacuum clean them regularly and mop up all spills promptly.

Daily cleaning: use vacuum cleaner.

Advanced cleaning (recommended 1-2 times a month): vacuum clean and then sweep them with a slightly humid mop and using universal floor cleaners or very small amount of warm soapy water. You should only sweep floors after you have cleaned them with vacuum cleaner, as otherwise you will sweep dust into the wooden pores.

General Care and Damage Prevention

— Please monitor moisture and temperature as set out below and take corrective measures if necessary.
— Place doormats on both sides of your front door.
— Remove any girt or other abrasives immediately.
— Immediately wipe up liquid spills.
— If you spill (food or drinks), wipe up immediately with cloth or paper towels to prevent any permanent damage or staining.
— Protect all furniture with felt pads to avoid any scratching with movement.
— Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes on the floor, as they can dent or scratch the floor.
— Close curtains or blinds to limit direct sun exposure.
— Keep pet’s nails trimmed to minimize damage to the surface.

Air temperature and air moisture

Parquet boards are produced of 100% natural timber. Therefore significant moisture variations can influence it. It is important to maintain the relative humidity in the room as stable as possible. 
Our recommended humidity is RH 40–60%.
Recommended average temperature is 14–23°C

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