Here you can find useful & educational information about wood flooring.
Find out why Estaparket wood floors is the best choice for your home.

Learn how to take care of your wood floors to maintain their quality appearance.


Estaparket floors are suitable for underfloor heating. The heating system should be adjusted so that the parquet temperature never exceeds +27°C.The maximum variation in temperature should not be more than 5°C within 24 hours.

First, sweep or vacuum your floor to remove any dirt or other abrasives, which may scratch the surface. Then you can move onto mopping. Always keep water to a minimum when cleaning your wood floors. The areas you mop should dry quickly. We recommend mopping your floors one to three times a month.
You do not need to cover you floor unless you still have repair work in progress. In this case simply cover you floor with paper.
Our wood floors are pets-friendly. Many of our customers are pet owners. According to their exploitation experience, our wood floors demonstrate high scratch-resistance and durability. However, to prevent scratches on your hardwood flooring, keep pets’ nails routinely clipped and trimmed.

Each method has its pros and cons, with a few things to consider before choosing which installation process will work best for your home.

Floating floors:

+ Inexpensive
+ Damaged plank can be easily replaced
+ Expand and contract as a one unit around the perimeter of the room, where the skirting boards hide the expansion gap

+ In case of uneven ground makes spongy feel underfoot
+ Can feel hollow and loud underfoot
+ Door thresholds between the rooms are necessary

Glue down floors:

+ Can be installed without door thresholds between rooms
+ Reduce stepping sound and create a highly-stable floor
+ Allows underfloor heating to be distributed more evenly

+ Installation is more expensive
+ Replacement of damaged plank is more time-consuming & expensive
+ Expansion and contraction occurs separately on each board. This can lead to micro-cracks between the boards, especially in dry climate

3-layer board emits much less formaldehyde because less glue is required for the construction of the board. It is also more Eco-friendly as softwood used for core construction of such boards grows considerably quicker than hardwood used in the production of multi-layer. However multi-layer flooring is stronger and less likely to have geometrical changes when adjusting to minor climate changes. Sever climate adjustments can lead to delamination of the top layer.
Expansions for the multi-layer flooring are set by the plywood core layer making board more stable.
For the 3-layer board expansions are set by the top layer movements making the boards more flexible. This construction is more likely to withstand higher climate variations when compared to multi-layer but in extreme climate conditions the board is likely to have more cupping rather than delamination. The board will return to its initial state after climate gets back to normal.


Estaparket offers 3-layer construction with both lock systems (Uniclick & T&G) whereas multi-layer has only T&G lock system option which is more expensive during installation.